The brand new three-part observational documentary series Struggle Street produced by KEO Films Australia will air on SBS ONE 6th May 8:30pm.

This 3-part observational documentary series, filmed over a 6-month period, gives a voice to people living on the outskirts of Sydney, in some of our most socially- disadvantaged communities. The series shows the enormous challenges they face being born into generational disadvantage, and then being blamed by the system for their lack of progress.

From blended families to single parent homes, troubled teenagers and those dealing with issues of addiction, the series charts the stories of around a dozen key characters over the course of the series.

The series will offer an insight into the experience of those who’ve been dealt some of the worst conditions to start their lives, and yet are trying to make a go of it. But far from being stories of pity, we’ll witness the resilience and dignity, the raw honesty and stories of family love that emerge despite overwhelming challenges