Bullying affects 1 in 4 Australian school children sometimes with devastating consequences. Using unorthodox methods this documentary series looks at this disturbing issue through the eyes for four young people who have tried everything to stop being bullied. With Olympic legend Ian Thorpe by their side these young people find the courage to reveal their experiences to their family, teachers and peers with the hope of changing their lives.

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River Cottage Australia

During this series Paul explores new ways to forage, hunt, gather and live under the watchful eye of Mount Gulaga with his beloved best mate Digger. Paul continues to rely on the friends he’s made and the expertise of those around him but he also makes new friends and learns new ways of living off the land. He finds locally grown produce, cooks and share meals with others who are also growing their own fresh food.

Struggle Street

From blended families representing a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, to single parent homes, troubled teenagers and those dealing with issues of addiction, we’ll chart the stories of around a dozen key characters over the course of the series – and in doing so, give a voice to a neglected community.